Investment Opportunity

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If buying a house is cheaper than renting,
why rent your storage space?
371 Storage
      371 Storage offers an investment with consistent cash flow and low maintenance. The ownership in a storage unit provides flexibility, freedom and a secure investment opportunity.

Over the years, a storage unit renter could easily spend thousand(s) of dollars with no tax depreciation or appreciation benefits. By purchasing your own storage unit, you could invest those same dollars thus acquiring the storage space you need with the security and features you desire, long term real estate appreciation as well as depreciation expense for tax purposes and a monthly payment less than what you would pay for rental fees. You even own the lot it is built on!

The demand for storage is an ongoing problem for seasonal residents and seasonal "toys". Owning your own storage space enables you to overcome the difficulties associated with owning large boats, motor homes, collectible cars, seasonal or large recreation vehicles.

You can custom design your storage space or workspace by choosing from a variety of door placements and size(s), as well as outlets and light fixtures. The optional security system gives owners peace of mind when they are not there.

While we hope you will be a lifetime owner, you can resell or rent your unit.


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